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In this phase of the project, I conducted primary research through interviews and a survey. Based on the problem statement, an interview guide was created for the interviewees to understand the topic and talk about their relevant experiences. After the interviews and questionnaire, several steps, such as summarizing key takeaways and creating an affinity map, are taken to provide further insights for the app development

Job Interview

Interview Guide


My name is Kate. I'm a graphic design student at Academy of Art University. I'm conducting this interview and questionnaire for my school project on the topic of cooking at home information.

Overall Goal

To know what do people think about cooking at home, and what do people care about before hire a private cook.

Main Questions

- Before COVID-19, how often did you cook at home?

- Do you enjoy cooking?

- If you only need to cook for yourself, would you rather someone else cook for you?

- Do you like the food you cook?

- Do you prefer eating at home or eating outside?

- If you can hire someone to come to your house to cook for you, would you try it?

- If you hire a private cook, what are the things that you will care about?

- What are the situations that will make you want to hire a private cook?

- If your partner/ families/ roommate or someone you know is the one who does the

   cooking for you, do you ever get bored of their cooking?

Interview Summaries

Happy Old Man


70 years old, Retired, Single

  • Doesn't know how to cook, and no interest in learning

  • Always eat outside, but prefer eat at home

  • Willing to spend money on good food

  • Prefer the private cook cooks according to his preferences (For example, no salt); tasty food; cleans up afterward

截屏2020-09-20 下午9.44.35.png


52 years old, Retired, Married

  • Does the cooking everyday, but her families and her don't really like her food

  • Doesn't really enjoy cooking, doing it just for saving money. And she thinks it's not healthy to eat outside all the time

  • Prefer to eat at home more and willing to try the private cook, but doesn't want to spend too much money on it

Smiling Girl with Headphones


22 years old, International Student, Single

  • Can do some basic cooking, and enjoy the process of cooking

  • Willing to spend money on good food, but can't do it too often

  • Prefer to eat at home with friends 

  • Hoping to find someone who can cook her hometown food. So the nationality of the cook and the taste or style of the food is very important for her.  

Young Student


23 years old, International Student, Has girlfriend

  • Can do some basic cooking but not enjoy the process of cooking

  • His girlfriend usually cook for him. She is a good cook, but she can only cook Japanese food, so sometimes he got tired of her food

  • Really like to try the 'private cook', but can't do it too often because the money

  • Prefer to eat at home with girlfriend and friends 

  • Hoping to try different style food. 

Questionnaire Summaries

The number of participants: 15

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Affinity Map

Affinity Diagram Template.jpg
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