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Part 1: Setting Account
The first part is to set up an account. The app will ask for your personal information and your kitchen information in order to make the cook  easier.
Part 2: Finding your cook or customer (section 1)
The second part is to find your cook or customer. In this section, you can find your private cook by either food category or different cook's last post. If you are a cook, you can find your customer by seeing different customer's post. 
Part 3: Chatting room (section 2)
The third part is a chatting room. You can find the contact information of all the people you used to work with in this app. Message, Video call, Email, and Phone call are the main function of this section.
Part 4: My Profile (section 3)
The last part is the user profile. In here, you can edit your personal information and your kitchen information. You can also see the history and reviews.
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